Burning Ape is a Semi-Defense type beyblade owned by Best of All.It was preserved under a pyramid built by Prince Tutankhamen .It was found by an archaeologist and was presented to Best of All as a gift.Burning Ape can take on any attack of any bey.It can destroy Immortal Titanium Reaper CX:DD.


Weight:1kgThe facebolt depicts the picture of an ape holding a gun/canon.

4D Energy RingEdit

Weight:1kgThe energy ring is shaped like the hands of the ape.Each hand's wrist is made up of metal which sybolizes the canon in its hand.This energy ring in real can throw fire balls which can evaporate the bey into ashes but it can't destroy Delta Shadow as its an immortal bey.But it can destroy everything beside it.

4D Fusion WheelEdit

Total Weight:3kgThis Fusion Wheel is Similar to a combination of the Twisted, Diablo, and Duo Fusion Wheels put together in one. It has 3 Steel Magnetic Metal Frames. The first frame is the Magnetic Viper Wall Frame, second is H2O Maximum Alias, third is Sacred Monkey Frame Core.

Magnetic Viper Wall Frame:Edit

Weight:1kgThis Frame is Made out of Steel Magnets. This Frame is in the shape of a Wave Wall Hexagon Fortress. This Frame Can control gravity around the bey due to the magnets allowing this beyblade to float in the air. This Frame helps this beyblade have alot of weight making it perfect for defense.

H2O Maximum Alius Frame:Edit

Weight:1kgThis Frame is in the shape of 6 waves forming out made of solid metal making attacks at the waves weak. This Frame can also extend itself due to the metal able to take shape of its choosing. It can Cover the Energy Ring area around in circular waves to return arial attacks back in the air. This part of the beyblade is able to use the magnets of the Viper Frame as a sort of Repeler of Metal.

Sacred Monkey Frame Core:Edit

Weight:1kgThis Frame/Core is in the Shape of Draciels Beast. It pops out under the Fusion Wheel to add more defense. This frame is made out of Solid Gold making this Metal Wheel Extra Heavy and very good at defense.

4D Performance Tip: Metal Ball Attack DefenseEdit

This Performance tip looks like a combination of the 230, GB145, and WD Parts. But colored in Blue Green. This 4D Tip is at the height of the 230 track but has 3 rays of Gravity Ball Holders and Has a Inner Bearing System for Extra Balance. The Metal Balls are to add Centrifical Force and Balance to the beyblade. The Height of it Gives this beyblade extra Defense and Power. The Tip part is A 2 Layer WD called W4D. Which has the point free spinning and the rest of the parts freely roatating metal layers above the point, and a wide holder that keeps the layers freely spinning in holes left to right.

Special MoveEdit

Burning Fire StrikeEdit

Hot Wind Fire StrikeEdit

Ape Lava/volcanoEdit

Burning Fiery Rage AttackEdit