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Grand Theft Auto: Dragon Ball Z (also called Grand Theft Auto: Vegeta Mod) is a mod of Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas which includes many changes from the original (most notably, the character is replaced by Veget). Only works on PlayStation 2[


This kit contains all the same as the Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, does not change anything (referring to places, islands, etc. ..) Now turn to the changes


In this game you can transform into Vegeta. It has great advantages as disadvantages minimum:


  • Vegeta supports bullets, fire, falls, etc. .. making it almost immortal.
  • This may fly, jump, fly through the air to the cars, shoot fire from near and far, etc. ..
  • When muscles have nothing of this walk at a speed faster than the vehicles themselves (obviously running so you have to fill the power bar).
  • On the right there will be a power bar may be reduced by pressing the right button and raise the left button (if peaks bear better bullets, fires, etc. ..).


  • Die while inside a vehicle and it explodes.</span>
  • Die drowning (being a long time under water).
  • It has too many bugs