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Knight E:D is a Defense-Type Bey,this Bey is owned by Ultimate Zeus,it cannot be destroyed easily,however Wave Aquario 130XF can destroy this Bey,it only spins Left.


The Facebolt depicts Knight,the Knight wears Golden armor,he also has the Sword of the Spirit in his left hand,the Shield of Faith in his right hand,he wears the Helmet of Salvation on his head,the Breastplate of Righteousness on his chest,he wears the Belt of Truth at his waist,and he wears the shoes of the Gospel of Peace at his feet.

Energy RingEdit

The Knight ring contains Special Gold which cause Extra Weight .It has the Sword of the Spirit on the Ring's left side to inflict damage to the opponent,and it has the Shield of Faith on the Ring's right side to defend and protect High Damage from the opponent,if the opponent use High Damage the Shield of Faith will make the Damage has no Affect.

4D Fusion WheelEdit

The Knight 4D Fusion wheel looks like the Guardian Fusion Wheel,however it weighs more than the Guardian 4D Fusion Wheel,it is Golden in color,it can split into 2 wheels Kni and ght to make the opponent lose stamina fast,when the wheel splits the Kni wheel have blades on each side to make the opponent lose stamina while the Ght wheel has shields on each side to prevent the opponent's Bey from attacking it.This 4D Fuision Wheel when combined with other Cores and Metal Frames the same affect will happen and the Cores and Metal Frames will follow this 4D Fusion Wheel depending which kind of wheel they follow.

4D Performance TipEdit

The tip is attached to the RRC of guardian in the middle for the steal spin. This 4D tip also changes its tip in the middle of a battle. There are 3 new tips in this. When the bey is launched it starts off in MMF (metal metal flat). As the name suggests, the bey is really difficult to control and predict its movement while in this tip.It also loses some of it's stamina. Then as Spin rotation becomes slow, the MMF at the bottom ejects in and The UDF(Ultimate Destruction Flat) comes out of the bottom. In the middle of the battle, it can be changed into WRF (Wide Rubber Flat) As the name suggests, this tip makes the bey crash the stadium wall so hard that it can bounce off and the the opposing bey in the center. This Tip is Mostly made of metal.